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The Link Between Insulin and HGH

People who follow wellness and health research cannot take notice of the buzz regarding the purported anti-aging effects of HGH injections or Human Growth Hormone and Insulin.

Knowing a bit about the relationship between insulin and HGH and how they work together in a synergistic approach can assist you to benefit from the level of every hormone as well as the positive health advantages which arise from improving the levels of hormones naturally.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH

Human growth hormone or HGH is a hormone created by your pituitary gland which assists to stimulate the development and the production of cell in the body.

Human growth hormone is initially created naturally during teenage years and early in adulthood to ensure enough development of your body.

HGH production starts to taper down at the age of 30 and keeps on decreasing with age.

When a kid doesn’t generate sufficient amount of hormone, the development is stunted leading to unnaturally lower physique and most of the time, this results to dwarfism.

A fully developed individual who has suffered from hormone deficiency might carry excess weight as well less muscle weight. The effects of favorable human growth hormone levels in the human body are enhanced muscle weight, increased sexual desire, fat loss, improved memory as well as improved energy.


Insulin is an endocrine hormone generated by your liver. The production is stimulated by human growth hormone and it straightly causes development in your body and its different cells.

Insulin binds to IGF-1 as well as insulin receptors which signal the decrease or increase of bodily functions like the metabolism of your body.

Medical research and study have shown that augmented signaling by insulin receptors has good anti-aging effects at the cellular level.

Human Growth Hormone and Insulin Working Together

Human Growth Hormone and insulin work together in order to stimulate development in the human body. Insulin is the direct connection to cell development as well as the supposed anti-aging effects of human growth hormone.

Not enough production of insulin is caused by malnutrition or not responding to development hormones.

People who want to benefit from the purported HGH/insulin anti-aging effects must consult their doctors, naturopaths in particular, prior to opting for this treatment. Studies show that equal or balanced level of HGH and Insulin offers some of the preferred anti-aging benefits.

This is the reason why many athletes and gym enthusiasts seek human growth hormone enhancers to improve their performance and to offset certain medical concerns related to aging.

Improving the best possible Levels of the Anti-Aging Hormone

People may get optimal levels of Insulin and human growth hormone by means of injections improved nutrition as well as natural supplements. The HGH injections administered by health experts are expensive but have been verified to be effective for weight reduction and enhanced muscle weight.

Most physicians have crafted healthy dietary modifications which go along with the sequence of shots provided to the person.

A less expensive choice that is extensively accessible to many users is natural supplements. There are a lot of supplements available on the market these days touting the advantages of human growth hormone.

These HGH supplements are effective because it contains essential ingredients such as L-Glutamine, L-Arganine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, Deer Velvet Antler, Gaba and L-Tyrosine. However, when purchasing supplements, it is important to check the ingredients included in it.

This is to make sure that you are getting the benefits that these ingredients provide. You also need to purchase from a reliable supplier as there are some people out there who only want to advantage of your money.

The link between Human Growth Hormone and insulin levels can revolutionize performance improving supplements. There are many reasons why the link between HGH and insulin levels is essential to sportsmen and gym enthusiasts.

Insulin test shows that it can improve the level of muscle repair after a damage or injury and improve the rate of muscle development and more significantly, insulin is the major aspect for hyperplasia that is important in improving the amount of fibers in your muscle.

Once hyperplasia happens, the fibers in your muscle actually split, which in turn produces a number of muscle fibers. Hypertrophy is far different from hyperplasia as this condition improves the size of present muscle cells from exercise as well as the use of steroid, while hyperplasia adds muscle weight.

Insulin injection produces the biggest muscle in current animal research and the good effects of insulin continued upon the injection of the IGF-1 stop.

Other advantages of the link between HGH and Insulin levels are:

There is no reduction in the fibers accountable for power and speed output as one age.
There is no deterioration of muscle fibers with age even without exercising.
The telltale symptoms of aging are reduced due to the link between human growth hormone and the level of insulin.