Many mature adults have decided to take human growth hormones as a way to slow the signs of aging.

Celebrities have been busy endorsing human growth hormones as they show their young looking faces and bodies to the world, as proof that the human growth hormones actually work.

Celebrity Endorsements

Some of the celebrities that have told the world that they use human growth hormones include Suzanne Sommers, Nick Nolte, and Sylvester Stallone.

There are also many professional athletes who have used human growth hormones to improve their performances.

However, many professional and amateur sports do not allow athletes to use human growth hormones to unnaturally enhance their performances.

Many average American mature adults are choosing to take human growth hormones to feel better about themselves. Some adults take human growth hormones to fight problems that come from getting older, like depression and weaker bodies. Human growth hormones help mature adults use their bodies like they did when they were younger.

Feel Better and Look Younger

When mature adults take human growth hormones, it does not take them very long to notice that their skin looks younger and clearer. Besides healthier and younger looking skin, they also notice that they do not get as tired as they used to get. They also begin to have a more active sex life.

Injection is the Most Effective

When mature adults choose to take human growth hormones, one of the most effective ways to put it into the body is to inject it. Couples often inject the drug into each other.

You can also take it as a spray or as drop that you put under your tongue. Many couples spend thousands of dollars each year on human growth hormones.

More Energy and Endurance

Those adults who take human growth hormones find that they have much more energy than they used to before they took HGH. Many of the adults who take HGH decide that it is the perfect time to begin a new exercise regimen.

They tend to take up high-energy activities like running or weight lifting, because they have the energy to handle those challenging physical activities.

Even though human growth hormones are very controversial, there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that they work. Professional athletes notice that they are able to build stronger muscles and lose fat fasters and the average adult has the same results.

There are actual numbers that science has found in regards to the muscle mass growth and fat loss. The average man loses around 10% of his body fat and gains around 8% more muscle mass.

Lotions Do Not Work

The most effective way to put human growth hormones into the body is with injections. There are many companies that advertise a form of human growth hormones that comes in the form of a lotion. The only way that human growth hormones actually work is with injections. Creams and lotions do not work at all.

Significant Side Effects

Whatever benefits that people feel from human growth hormones, there are significant side effects that should make people think twice about taking them.

The side effects include adult-onset diabetes, which creates an entire slew of problems. Blood sugar can increase in adults who choose to inject human growth hormones into their bodies.

Those same adults can experience hypertensions from high blood pressure, edema from the tissues swelling in the joints. Organs can also become enlarged and breathing problems can also occur.

Many of these problems can be very uncomfortable and they can create even more problems that just aging. While human growth hormones were studied in laboratories, the supplement has proven to develop cancer in mice.

Regular Checkups

If you choose to take human growth hormones as a mature adult who is trying to stay young, you should make regular appointments for checkups with your physician.

Your physician will check your blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels to be sure that everything is in balance. It is a good idea to have regular checkups anyway, but when you take HGH you should make an appointment every three or four months.

Given to Children, Too

Some people are putting their children on human growth hormones so that their children will become bigger, stronger, and faster than other people’s children.

There is so much competition for families who want their children to become star athletes that some parents are asking doctors to prescribe HGH for their children.

Not very many doctors will prescribe HGH just to make a child bigger for sports, but there are always a few of them out there. Some parents also think that if their children are too short, they will have problems that those who are all do not have.

Human growth hormones are a powerful medication that really makes people feel significantly better and improves performance.