Side Effects and Human Growth Hormone

It is always cautioned that anyone considering commencing a hormone replacement therapy program do so under the direct supervision of their medical care provider.

However, since not everyone feels comfortable discussing such controversial subjects there is a wealth of information detailing the potential side effects of prescription human growth hormone supplement injections dating back to the mid 1950’s.

There are several manufacturers and suppliers of such supplements relying on this research to substantiate their claims that their products are capable of delivering similar results.

However, in many cases this can be extremely misleading and manipulative – you wouldn’t use a detailed report on airplane safety and statistics to prove the stability of an automobile, after all.

A prime example of such misleading and insubstantial research and evidence is the readily available Internet quotes claiming to be from medical experts experienced in research done with high dosage prescriptions of human growth hormone injectables – without actually disclosing to the consumer that the research and tests were done using injected human growth hormones, and instead using the same research to sell nasal sprays or patches, and claiming that the product will obtain the same results.

The greatest concern surrounding a large portion of modern human growth hormone supplements, like the ones available on the Internet or in health food stores across the world is the fact that it may be difficult to tell what is actually in the product.

There are many known cases of counterfeit health and medicinal products available online and in pharmacies. Recently, there has been an increase in cases of US bases pharmacists diluting such medications to increase their profit margins.

It is often cautioned that human growth hormone supplement in pill form be avoid, there is little evidence to support the benefits of HGH pills and powders, and in many cases these products can be quite dangerous (except those that have undergone stringent laboratory testing and come from a reputable manufacturer.

It is difficult to ensure that human growth hormone in pill format is actually HGH (and not from animals such as cows or pigs) and is free from other external contaminants.

Human Growth Hormone Injections

The benefits of human growth hormone supplement injections are far superior to the potential risks. However, prescription injections are far stronger than the amount of Human Growth Hormone that the body would have made naturally so proper medical care and attention is necessary.

Failing to have adequate medical supervision could result in side effects like the body shutting down it’s natural ability to produce human growth hormones and other related hormones since they are being supplemented in large quantities.

Human Growth Hormone Sprays

Fortunately, none of the serious side effects reported by users of human growth hormone supplements in spray form have been a result of the HGH.

Instead, this side effects have been caused by harmful substances in the bottle and bacterial contamination; all the more reason to only use products that come from trusted manufacturers and suppliers.

The long and short of it is this, with all products designed for medicinal or health purposes there are side effects, both positive and negative.

While a great number of people should not take human growth hormone supplements, most of the population (those with no underlying health issues) are likely to generate extremely favourable physical, mental, and internal results from human growth hormone.

Asides from the side effects that would have occurred regardless, many negative effects occur because people fail to properly follow the instructions of their regime, take doses to high for their body, or follow other irresponsible practices.