10 Ways to Naturally Boost Up HGH Levels : HGH Boosters

The endocrine system of the body works in collaboration with central nervous system and controls certain body functions.

Among different secretions of the endocrine system of the body, the probably most important is human growth hormone which is abbreviated as HGH. It is secreted by a pituitary gland in the body, the gland is said to be master gland as its secretions control body functions as well as all another endocrine system of the body.

The HGH is associated with growth and energy, this hormone promotes height and muscles. In this article, you will learn about the best HGH Boosters. The presence of this hormone results in a healthier body, lower fats and control certain important functions like:

Human Growth Hormone: Natural HGH Boosters

  • Keeping the cholesterol level lower in the body and hence the body remains lean.
  • The fat accumulation on the body decreases under the action of HGH.
  • Strengthening bones and muscles
  • Protecting the body and vital organs from the effect of aging.
  • It is also thought to enhance beauty as the hormone causes the skin cells to repair, promotes the growth of hair and nails.
  • Circulation of the blood is improved with a considerable amount of HGH in the body.
  • Stabilizing the lipid profile of a person.
  • Protects brain from the effects of aging, hence improves decision making and memory.

Say it unfortunate, the level of HGH declines in the body as we grow older. The gradual deficiency of HGH starts in the body from the age of 20 years, as it happens, the lean body mass decreases and also bone density lowers.

The lowering of HGH level also causes an increase in body fat and the rate of accumulation of fats in the body. As a result of fat gain, there is always a risk of certain cardiovascular diseases. If you find yourself looking older, it possibly can be due to decline in HGH level in the body.

The easiest ways to find out the level of HGH in the body is a blood test called IGF-1. It is actually a hormone produced as the HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland. The best marker for HGH status in the body is this test. The values lower than 200 indicate a deficiency of growth hormone. And there is always a need to use supplements for adequate growth of the body.

Naturally, Boost Up HGH Levels

The best possible way to get rid of growth disorders if you are diagnosed with HGH deficiency is to get daily injections containing HGH. It has been investigated already that hormone replacement therapy HRT is always beneficial and work wonders for patients with deficiency of certain hormones. The people getting the advantage of HRT therapies are advised to follow it for many years.

There are certain conditions which lower the production of HGH in the body. These factors include lack of exercise, stress, and depression, an improper diet lacking essential nutrients as well as aging.

Hence it is also recommended for the people with HGH deficiency to change their lifestyle. Adequate sleep and stress-free life can be very positive triggers for HGH production. The proper diet plan and scientifically suggested exercise plan can result in the production of more HGH in the body. It can help you to stay younger.

Effective ways to increase HGH Boosters/production naturally:

Here are some recommended ways which will result in the natural production of HGH in the body. You can follow these steps and can enjoy a long healthy and youthful life.

  • The high-intensity burst training is best when a person is doing it, the heart rate increases a lot. As a result of which highly fast twitch muscle fibers are kept engaged resulting in the release of HGH in the body naturally.
  • The adequate sleep, which in most cases is recommended to be 8 hours per night is best for natural production of HGH.
  • Melatonin, when taken before bed, is likely to increase the level of human growth hormone in the body.
  • GABA is also one of the best products, before going to bed if a person taken in 1.5 to 3 grams of GABA or gamma amino butyric acid, it has shown to hike HGH level in the body by 200%.
  • High-quality protein diet at night which at the same time is low in carbohydrate. The low carbohydrate diet will also help to keep insulin at a lower level. Hence it cannot act as a growth inhibitor.


  • The maintenance of Vitamin D in the diet is also significant. The optimal value of vitamin D in the body as recommended is 70-100 mg/ml.
  • Avoid sugar-rich food, especially before exercising, if you take sugary meal two hours post workout. It will likely to stimulate the hypothalamus to release somatostatin which lowers the release of HGH. This will also result in storage of fat bulk in the body.
  • L-arginine and L-Lysine are two amino acids which when combine together before exercising and sleeping result in considerable increase in HGH level. It is therefore advised to take 3 to 5 grams of HGH for best outcomes.
  • Glutamine with the dose of 2 to 10 grams as recommended by a doctor. Before work out or going to bed is also reported to result in the production of HGH in the body. The American journal of clinical nutrition claims that with the uptake of 2 g of glutamine, there is a double hike in the production of HGH in the body.
  • Alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine which is generally abbreviated as A-GPC also increases HGH levels. One can safely take approximately 600 mg of A-GPC two hours before exercise or sleep to get high production of HGH in the body.


The best thing about using natural products is they will trigger the body to produce HGH and no side effects are likely to appear. Hence it is always recommended to use natural triggers to keep your body active and alert.

Enjoy your youth now for a long time with the good and adequate production of HGH in the body. Don’t forget to consult a doctor if you find anything inconvenient regarding HGH boosters. You can also read more about Human Growth Hormone Pills. Don’t Forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter. Thanks!

Why HGH Oral Sprays Are Ineffective

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that helps in several health functions of the body.

This is also referred as somatropin or somatotropin, a peptide hormone that aids in stimulating growth, regeneration, and cell reproduction.

This growth hormone is a single-chain polypeptide that is secreted, stored, or synthesized by the somatotropic cells.

The Human Growth Hormone is released into the human blood and promotes growth during the childhood years.

This particular type of hormone is also responsible for maintaining organs and tissues all throughout the lives of individuals.

Several individuals cling to HGH because they believed that this helps fight aging and promotes a youthful glow. Others rely on this growth hormone for bodybuilding purposes.

Human Growth Hormone is now marketed as a tablet, powders, nasal spray, oral spray, cream, powder, and capsule. Advertisements are now evident in newspapers, televisions and over the internet. Since HGH products are now introduced in several variations, consumers are given the urge to try and discover the things that these products have to offer.

HGH supplements, sprays, capsules and other variations are readily available today, but the usage will still depend on personal requirements and results that individuals intend to get. The level of efficiency is also a factor that poses an impact on your choice.

HGH Sprays

Some individuals turn to HGH sprays to receive benefits that Human Growth Hormone has to offer. Most prefer these sprays due to faster absorption and ease of use. However, there are citations that state that HGH sprays are ineffective.

The views and opinions of buyers and product users about this matter are divided. Some find HGH sprays to be significantly effective while others find these exactly the opposite as far as efficiency is concerned. Individuals who have not yet tried the HGH spray and those who lack familiarity will probably find it hard to render their judgment.

HGG sprays are categorized into two: the nasal sprays and the oral sprays. The thing that differentiates the two is the medium of use. The latter is liquid formulations taken orally or by mouth and the former types of sprays come in the form of pressurized formulation and are inhaled by the users.

There are various brands of HGH sprays introduced in the market today, but individuals must keep in mind that not all brands are effective and equally beneficial. You need to have sufficient knowledge about this spray before making a final purchase.

Remember that these sprays are offered in variations, so you have to carefully analyze if you really need the spray or not. You may also make an extensive market research for the reason that you may find other HGH product that suits you best.

Reasons Why HGH sprays are ineffective

Some studies revealed that Human Growth Hormone Sprays or HGH sprays are an excellent way of increasing HGH levels. However, other studies emphasized that these sprays are ineffective.

There might be no definite explanation on this, but the truth is, there are factors evident that tend to decrease the efficacy of these products. Spraying the HGH into the mouth is ineffective because based on research, this medium of usage prevents the HGH from reaching the human bloodstream.

The size of the molecules is another reason why the spray does not reach the bloodstream well, therefore, affecting the level of efficacy.

Another solid reason why HGH sprays are ineffective is that the dosage’s strength is not as strong to produce genuine results. Any result that individuals noticed is probably due to the so-called placebo effect.

It is quite difficult for sprays to pass through the membrane of the throat, making sprays a poor choice as compared to other forms. The efficiency of HGH sprays is trivial. Due to this, physicians do not really recommend these to their patients.

Aside from being ineffective, some individual are skeptical in using HGH sprays because of the side effects. The negative side effects posed by these sprays are joint pain, tumors, hypertension, nerve and muscle pain, tingling and numbness of the skin and more. Sprays are composed of fillers and other unhealthy ingredients which are considered to be dangerous to the body.

Knowing about the inefficiency and adverse side effects of HGH sprays, it would be best to pay attention to other forms that guarantee effective and satisfying results.

Taking HGH supplements are said to be far better than going for oral and nasal sprays. Going for supplements with proven efficiency and quality is the most viable option.

Studies about HGH consumptions were conducted, and it was found out that the supplements seem to be the best. Taking supplements is noted to be safer and more effective over the sprays. Choosing and taking the best HGH supplements entail remarkable results that individuals will surely appreciate and enjoy.

Top 7 Benefits of HGH in Women

HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone, is often referred to as the “fountain of youth”.

As you grow old, the production of HGH tends to decrease.

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, you need to use HGH products like supplements.

However, before planning to take these HGH products, you need to know various things about them.

HGH offers multiple advantages, especially for women.

In fact, studies have shown that there are various women who keep on taking supplements to improve their HGH levels.

For your guide, here are the top seven benefits of HGH:

Reduces Body Weight and Increase Your Height

Most women find it hard to achieve their preferred body figure and weight. After taking these HGH supplements, their body started to change.

These supplements help in reducing body weight through the method of stimulating natural body functions that had become weaken. This can help in breaking down the fat cells and leads to weight loss.

Believe it or not, HGH supplements also help in increasing your height. They add some centimeter to your height, provided if you use these supplements accurately.

It means that you have to take a right amount of dosage every day.

Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

If you always take HGH products, your skin appears more stunning and smooth. These supplements ensure that your endocrine glands and skin are functioning well. It means that your skin can breathe well and that reflects to your skin condition.

These supplements also give all the needed nutrients to your hair follicles. This can help in making your hair thicker and free from any hair problems such as dandruff and baldness.

Develop Sports Performances and Facilitates Bone Development

If you are sports-minded, you also need to take these supplements. These HGH supplements can help not only to prevent the different signs of aging. They are also effective for developing your over-all performances.

With these supplements, you have a chance to increase your stamina. They can also promote healthier protein synthesis that is best for muscle development.

In addition, these supplements are also perfect for the development of your bones. Unlike others, you will never experience any bone problems.

It means that you can do anything you want, even if you are at the senility stage.
Solves Hormonal Imbalances and Pathological Ailments

Most women are suffering from hormonal imbalances. If you are one of them, this is your chance to take these HGH products. With hormone deficiencies, you need to consider a hormonal replacement technique.

This method offers the necessary supplements that can help in stimulating your hormonal growth.

Pathological ailments are also one of the results of hormonal imbalances. Since these HGH products don’t have any side effects, you are certain that your condition is in good hands.

Therefore, you are free from any severe symptoms related to pathological ailments.
Improve Your Liver and Pancreas and Over-all Body Condition

Through taking HGH supplements, you can easily improve the condition of your liver and pancreas. Just make sure that you take a right dosage every day. These body organs guarantee that the metabolism of your body is functioning well. With regular intakes of supplements, you can regularly remove toxins in your body.

In addition, if you are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, you can also use these HGH supplements to treat your conditions. They are effective for controlling your blood sugar and cholesterol levels in your body.

Improves Mood and Sleeping Habits

It is undeniable that women have varying moods. You may feel happy and a after a few hours, you will just feel that you are annoyed and experience discomfort feelings. To solve these issues, you better take HGH supplements.

These supplements are perfect for improving your mood and every day condition. In addition, you also don’t need to worry about your sleeping habits. You can take a rest and wake up early with full of energy.

Improved Memory and Self-Image

Most experts advised to take these HGH supplements to improve memory, especially for old women.

Aside from this, these supplements are also effective to develop your image. With these supplements, you will feel that you are young just like before.

Therefore, you are always confident to face your old friends and relatives.

As you can see, there are various benefits of HGH supplements. After expanding your ideas on how to improve your human growth hormone, you are probably tempted to have these products.

These HGH products come in various forms. Some of them are sprays while others are capsules and pills. Whatever types you want to take, make sure that you know what fit for your needs and budgets.

Since HGH supplements cost cheap, expect that you don’t need to spend more money.

However, you need to follow the prescription of your doctor before taking any drug. You also need to take a right dosage to avoid any complications.

The Link Between Insulin and HGH

People who follow wellness and health research cannot take notice of the buzz regarding the purported anti-aging effects of HGH injections or Human Growth Hormone and Insulin.

Knowing a bit about the relationship between insulin and HGH and how they work together in a synergistic approach can assist you to benefit from the level of every hormone as well as the positive health advantages which arise from improving the levels of hormones naturally.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH

Human growth hormone or HGH is a hormone created by your pituitary gland which assists to stimulate the development and the production of cell in the body.

Human growth hormone is initially created naturally during teenage years and early in adulthood to ensure enough development of your body.

HGH production starts to taper down at the age of 30 and keeps on decreasing with age.

When a kid doesn’t generate sufficient amount of hormone, the development is stunted leading to unnaturally lower physique and most of the time, this results to dwarfism.

A fully developed individual who has suffered from hormone deficiency might carry excess weight as well less muscle weight. The effects of favorable human growth hormone levels in the human body are enhanced muscle weight, increased sexual desire, fat loss, improved memory as well as improved energy.


Insulin is an endocrine hormone generated by your liver. The production is stimulated by human growth hormone and it straightly causes development in your body and its different cells.

Insulin binds to IGF-1 as well as insulin receptors which signal the decrease or increase of bodily functions like the metabolism of your body.

Medical research and study have shown that augmented signaling by insulin receptors has good anti-aging effects at the cellular level.

Human Growth Hormone and Insulin Working Together

Human Growth Hormone and insulin work together in order to stimulate development in the human body. Insulin is the direct connection to cell development as well as the supposed anti-aging effects of human growth hormone.

Not enough production of insulin is caused by malnutrition or not responding to development hormones.

People who want to benefit from the purported HGH/insulin anti-aging effects must consult their doctors, naturopaths in particular, prior to opting for this treatment. Studies show that equal or balanced level of HGH and Insulin offers some of the preferred anti-aging benefits.

This is the reason why many athletes and gym enthusiasts seek human growth hormone enhancers to improve their performance and to offset certain medical concerns related to aging.

Improving the best possible Levels of the Anti-Aging Hormone

People may get optimal levels of Insulin and human growth hormone by means of injections improved nutrition as well as natural supplements. The HGH injections administered by health experts are expensive but have been verified to be effective for weight reduction and enhanced muscle weight.

Most physicians have crafted healthy dietary modifications which go along with the sequence of shots provided to the person.

A less expensive choice that is extensively accessible to many users is natural supplements. There are a lot of supplements available on the market these days touting the advantages of human growth hormone.

These HGH supplements are effective because it contains essential ingredients such as L-Glutamine, L-Arganine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, Deer Velvet Antler, Gaba and L-Tyrosine. However, when purchasing supplements, it is important to check the ingredients included in it.

This is to make sure that you are getting the benefits that these ingredients provide. You also need to purchase from a reliable supplier as there are some people out there who only want to advantage of your money.

The link between Human Growth Hormone and insulin levels can revolutionize performance improving supplements. There are many reasons why the link between HGH and insulin levels is essential to sportsmen and gym enthusiasts.

Insulin test shows that it can improve the level of muscle repair after a damage or injury and improve the rate of muscle development and more significantly, insulin is the major aspect for hyperplasia that is important in improving the amount of fibers in your muscle.

Once hyperplasia happens, the fibers in your muscle actually split, which in turn produces a number of muscle fibers. Hypertrophy is far different from hyperplasia as this condition improves the size of present muscle cells from exercise as well as the use of steroid, while hyperplasia adds muscle weight.

Insulin injection produces the biggest muscle in current animal research and the good effects of insulin continued upon the injection of the IGF-1 stop.

Other advantages of the link between HGH and Insulin levels are:

There is no reduction in the fibers accountable for power and speed output as one age.
There is no deterioration of muscle fibers with age even without exercising.
The telltale symptoms of aging are reduced due to the link between human growth hormone and the level of insulin.

4 Tips When Using HGH

Many people have varying reports on their success rates when taking a human growth hormone supplement.

There are many different ways to get the hormone additive into your body – via injection, pills, or sprays.

The gains that people report also rely heavily on the additional supplements they take, how strenuous the workout is, and if they’re sticking to a strict diet.

The best way to know if an HGH supplement will work for you is to try it out, making sure to follow the tips to ensure optimum success along the way.

Follow the Recommended Dosing Strategies

It may be tempting for a person to inject as much HGH as possible in the first few doses so that they can see maximum gains.

The truth is dosage overkill will not only cause more harm than good, it likely won’t have any additional effect.

One of the side effects of HGH is fluid retention which can cause swelling and pain in the joints as well as pain in the abdomen.

Taking too much growth hormone will just lead to more fluid retention and subsequently more pain – not to mention a bloated look.

Take the HGH at the Optimum Time

Human growth hormone is produced naturally in the body and the supplements work best when timed with the naturally release of the chemical.

The highest production time is right around two or three hours after falling asleep for the night so many experienced users elect to take the HGH right before going to bed.

There are other optimum times such as in the morning or early afternoon to combat drowsiness and as a preparation for a workout.

Know Your Goals

Human growth hormone can work wonders for a person as long as their goals are predetermined and realistic.

As an anti-aging agent, HGH in low doses over a long period of time will help restore levels to what they once were.

The results are not instant and a person must realize that. Likewise those looking to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle in a short time must realize that the HGH is not a miracle drug and will take time and substantial effort.

Replenish the Body 

While human growth hormone is typically synonymous with gaining muscle and mass, it’s also highly popular for those looking to lose weight and gain a more aesthetic figure.

Part of the cutting process involves extensive cardio work burning hundreds of calories per day.

Most experts recommend refueling the body while on HGH instead of abstaining from food like traditional diets.