HGH Tips

4 Tips When Using HGH Supplements

Many people have varying reports on their success rates when taking a human growth hormone supplement.

There are many different ways to get the hormone additive into your body – via injection, pills, or sprays.

The gains that people report also rely heavily on the additional supplements they take, how strenuous the workout is, and if they’re sticking to a strict diet.

The best way to know if an HGH supplement will work for you is to try it out, making sure to follow the tips to ensure optimum success along the way.

Follow the Recommended Dosing Strategies

It may be tempting for a person to inject as much HGH as possible in the first few doses so that they can see maximum gains.

The truth is dosage overkill will not only cause more harm than good, it likely won’t have any additional effect.

One of the side effects of HGH is fluid retention which can cause swelling and pain in the joints as well as pain in the abdomen.

Taking too much growth hormone will just lead to more fluid retention and subsequently more pain – not to mention a bloated look.

Take the HGH at the Optimum Time

Human growth hormone is produced naturally in the body and the supplements work best when timed with the naturally release of the chemical.

The highest production time is right around two or three hours after falling asleep for the night so many experienced users elect to take the HGH right before going to bed.

There are other optimum times such as in the morning or early afternoon to combat drowsiness and as a preparation for a workout.

Know Your Goals

Human growth hormone can work wonders for a person as long as their goals are predetermined and realistic.

As an anti-aging agent, HGH in low doses over a long period of time will help restore levels to what they once were.

The results are not instant and a person must realize that. Likewise those looking to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle in a short time must realize that the HGH is not a miracle drug and will take time and substantial effort.

Replenish the Body 

While human growth hormone is typically synonymous with gaining muscle and mass, it’s also highly popular for those looking to lose weight and gain a more aesthetic figure.

Part of the cutting process involves extensive cardio work burning hundreds of calories per day.

Most experts recommend refueling the body while on HGH instead of abstaining from food like traditional diets.